Write your own appeal

Write personally to the Chinese embassies in your own country or write your own Embassy in China. You can also write to your MPs. In the face of this historic tragedy, your voice is of crucial importance.

We do not want to offer you a sample letter here, because we believe that everyone has their own unique view. But small suggestions may be helpful. Feel free to include these suggestions in your thoughts. I wish you success!

1. Always stay polite

Stay polite even if the topic is turning your stomach and the anger is looking for a way out. The appeal should help the persecuted and not wander into the bin.

2. Short is good

Long letters are often ignored and unfortunately often not translated either. One page is enough.

3. Write only about the matter itself

Your letter will be more effective if you do not fundamentally reject the recipient in the appeal. Nevertheless, leave no doubt that your concern is for the persecuted and the internationally recognized legal standards.

4. Underline the positive values

Try to touch the recipient’s self-esteem and pride. Write respectfully and incorporate that the land or culture otherwise e.g. is known for its tolerance.

5. Write who you are

Anonymous letters have no effect. Maybe you have an academic degree or are in a position that emphasizes your seriousness? Name it in your address header or in the text itself.

6. Do you have a special interest?

Did you visit China as a tourist, for example? Don’t forget to mention it.

7. Present the case in a few words

Presumably, the recipient of the letter is not directly responsible for the situation. It is also possible that the reader does not know the case at all. Put yourself in the position of the reader. Avoid sarcasm.

8. Send a copy

Send a copy of your letter with a short cover letter to the Chinese Embassy. You can also increase the effect of your letter by sending the letter in parallel to different recipients. You can make this clear on the letter by a hint/note (recipient: ...)

9. Inquire

It makes sense to inquire several times. Even if you do not get an answer, the recipients will be very aware about whether the interest in helping those who are being wronged is decreasing or staying alive.

10. For foreign recipients...

It is effective if you include newspaper reports in the letter for foreign recipients to show how well the topic is known to the public. But do not send interviews from Chinese human rights activists to China - it could hurt the affected persons considerably!

11. Writing appeal letters is a joy

When writing, think about the person who you will help. Think of the prisoners who were spared further brutal abuses or were released prematurely. Enjoy writing!

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke


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