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The primary source of our information comes from For more than a decade, Minghui editors have received scores of first-hand reports from across China each and every day — more than any other organization in the world. Minghui’s sources span every province in China, consisting primarily of Falun Gong practitioners as well as their family, friends, and those close to them.

A network of Falun Gong volunteers and entities gather and organize this information, drawing upon additional sources such as the WOIPF (World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong) and Falun Dafa Associations around the world. These and other entities work with the Center to corroborate claims made by our sources as well as provide insights and analysis.

Chinese officialdom itself often serves as an unwitting source, such as when certain officers post Party documents or communiqués online. Court records and local media coverage are an additional source, often confirming sentencings or other happenings.

The Center is also privileged to a wide-reaching network of Chinese dissidents and overseas Chinese Falun Gong, many of whom have well-placed connections in China, and regularly share information.

Finally, the Center naturally makes use of the many English language resources available freely in the West, including the work of human rights groups, government entities, policy institutes, etc.

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