Four more practitioners illegally detained in Rucheng, Shandong Province

06-07-2015 Forced labour

During a routine health check, Ms Guo Zhihua and Ms Geng Congyu both had exceedingly high blood pressure, which would have prevented their admittance to the detention centre. They were detained anyway and forced to take unknown drugs.

Ms Guo's face hurt and her hands often went numb after taking the drugs. Ms Geng was forced to take 16 tablets a day until she started vomiting blood.

The guards tried to frighten them by forcing them to watch the brutal force-feeding of Ms Yu, who had by then become severely emaciated due to ill treatment.

They could hardly hold back their tears to see her in such agony.

The four practitioners were released on April 23rd, after each of their families had 1,000 Yuan (GBP £100) extorted from them.

However, Ms Yu is still in the detention centre. The police and the State Prosecutor's office sent fabricated charges to the local court again on April 21st in their attempt to have her imprisoned. Her file had been rejected by the court earlier.

Her lawyer is continuing with his demand for her acquittal.

Parties involved in the practitioners' illegal arrests and detention:

Rushan Detention Centre: +86-631-6651760

Chen Gang (陈港), head of detention centre: +86-18663160017

Chen Jingfu (刘敬富) , deputy head: +86-18663160031

Feng Xinyong (冯心勇), leader of Domestic Division: +86-13863152039

Song Xiangjun (宋向军) , deputy leader: +86-631-60939, 86-13869080989, 86-631-6654630 (Home)



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