Inmates ordered to torture practitioners in Liaoyuan City Detention Centre

26-09-2014 Physical torture

( Drugs addicts and other criminals are coerced into torturing Falun Dafa practitioners in the Liaoyuan City Detention Centre. In return, they can receive shortened sentences, or are given greater privileges in the detention centre.

Ms Liu Xiangzhuo was tortured by half a dozen inmates on the night of her arrival at the detention centre in December 2013. Much of her hair was pulled out. She shouted for help, but no guard came. She was tortured four times. Her nose was bleeding profusely, her face and neck became swollen, and she had lumps on her head and broken fingers. She requested a doctor, but was ignored.

Ms Liu Dianzhu, in her sixties, was taken to a detention centre in late May 2013. She was tortured and force-fed by some inmates because she refused to renounce her belief. Some of her teeth were also knocked out.

Guard Pan Liqin ordered a group of inmates to torture Ms Ha Jingbo in late April 2012. When she shouted, “Falun Dafa is good,” Pan slapped her in the face, which caused her lips to bleed.

Ge Jianhua, head of the Liaoyuan Lockup, handcuffed Ms Zhao Chunmei to the window railings for several days. As a result, she could not move her arms or feed herself. Her recovery took several months.

Parties involved in the persecution:

Sun Pengyan (孙朋彦), head of Liaoyuan City Detention Centre (transferred out in April 2014): +86-13351560016 (Mobile)

Li Tai (李泰), political commissar at Liaoyuan City Detention Centre: +86-13504373965 (Mobile)

Wang Shaoqian (王少倩), deputy head of Liaoyuan City Detention Centre: +86-13943791177 (Mobile)

Song Weimin (宋为民), deputy head of Liaoyuan City Detention Centre: +86-15104378599 (Mobile)

Pan Liqin (潘丽芹), guard at Liaoyuan City Detention Centre: +86-15104378758 (Mobile)



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