First half 2014: 69 new Falun Gong practitioner death cases confirmed

09-08-2014 Deaths

( Sixty-nine new death cases of Falun Gong practitioners have been confirmed during the first half of 2014. Among them, 49 deaths occurred in 2014. 20 practitioners died in 2013 or earlier, but the cases were confirmed as of June 28th, 2014.

Death causes

Among the 69 deaths, 22 (32%) were caused by torture in prisons, 9 (13%) in labour camps, 4 (6%) in brainwashing centres, and 9 (13%) in police stations or detention centres. In addition, 5 (7%) died while they were forced to leave home to avoid further persecution, and 20 (29%) died as a cumulative result of prolonged persecution including but not limited to arrests, home ransacking, harassment, and so on ...

Age and gender distribution

Among the 69 death cases, the ages of 51 victims are known. The age distribution is as follows:

The gender distribution of the victims is as follows:

Geographic information

Pictures of some of the practitioners

Photos are available for a subset of the victims.

Pictures of Falun Gong practitioners whose deaths were confirmed during first half 2014: Top row: (left to right) Ms Wu Zexiu (吴泽秀), Mr Luo Jiangping (罗江平), Mr Qu Hui (曲辉), Ms Xiang Xiaobo (项晓波), Ms Gao Jie (高杰)

Middle row: Mr Pan Wei (潘维), Ms Xu Yanxiang (许艳香), Ms Wang Yan (王岩), Ms Yang Mingfen (杨铭芬)

Bottom row: Ms Tan Xiangyu (谭香玉), Ms Yang Shifen (杨世芬), Mr Ba Guannan (巴冠男), Ms Yang Chunling (杨春玲), and Mr Wang Haitian (王海田)

List of death cases confirmed and occurred during first half  of 2014




List of death cases confirmed in 2014 and occurred in 2013 or earlier








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