Tian Ge, 11 years old, orphaned due to the persecution

15-07-2005 Family and children

Tian Ge, female, 11 years old. Daughter of Falun Dafa practitioners Mr Tian Yili and his wife Zhen Yujie.

Tian Ge

Tian Ge’s father Tian Yili was 32 years old when he was tortured to death in 2002. Her mother Zhen Yujie was 28 years old when she was persecuted to death in 1999. They lived in Gacha Village, Lianhe Township, Chaoyang County, Liaoning Province. Tian Ge now lives in Yinmachi Village, Xidayingzi Town, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province with her aunt Tian Hua and Uncle Wang Shukui. She attends Yinmachi Village Elementary School in Year 5.

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Source http://media.zhengjian.org/media/doc/children_under_persecution_en_102604.pdf


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