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Here you can read eyewitness accounts of Falun Gong practitioners who have been persecuted in China or who witnessed details of the persecution. In addition, this section also contains stories from lawyers who have spoken out against the human rights violations as well as from government officials around the world who spoke with witnesses of the persecution. This section also contains accounts from ex-Party members who witnessed the persecution or who have been involved in the persecution.

Articles in this category

Why Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin refuses to be Intimidated by China 17/01/2016

Personal support In 2004, a year after Anastasia Lin and her mother left their home in Changsha, China, to start new lives in Vancouver, Canada, the mother gave her daughter a small book. Lin, the reigning Miss World Canada, looks back to that moment to explain why she now chooses to stand up to the Chinese authorities who are trying to silence her.

A university professor's own account of torture and brainwashing for practising Falun Gong 29/05/2015

By Tong Yueying, a Falun Gong practitioner in Jilin Province, China

Witness accounts ( My name is Tong Yueying. I was a professor at Jilin University, in the College of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, for 32 years. Due to my belief in Falun Gong, I lost my job, my happy family, and suffered humiliation and torture in a forced labour camp.

My story of facing personal cruelty and the death of my dear family members 26/10/2014

Witness accounts ( My name is Li Yushu. I am a Falun Gong practitioner from Daxing'anling, Heilongjiang Province, and I'm 65 years old. After 15 years of persecution at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I have been turned from a healthy person into a frail old lady riddled with health problems.

Father of Toronto man faces imprisonment in China for his religious beliefs 16/06/2014

Li Xiaobo arrested for distributing literature exposing human rights violations in China

Witness accounts Toronto resident Paul Li is calling for the release of his father, Li Xiaobo, who is being held by Chinese authorities in violation of his right to freedom of belief and free expression. The two were arrested together in Chengdu, China last month. Paul was released because of his Canadian citizenship, but his father remains imprisoned and is expected to face trial in the coming weeks.


My brother was tortured to death within ten days at Gangbei Prison 23/10/2013

Witness accounts ( After being held in prison for 11 years, I was released on medical parole on April 26th, 2013, because of ill health.

On arriving home, I was told that my younger brother, Mr Li Xiwang, died ten days after he was taken to Gangbei Prison. I had to find out how he died.

According to my sister, our brother was in good health when she last saw him, which was before he was taken to Gangbei Prison. He died ten days after arriving there.

A military officer describes his years of persecution under the CCP (Part 1) 25/05/2013

Witness accounts ( Yang Xingfu, a deputy division-level military officer in the Nanjing Military Region, was persecuted repeatedly for remaining steadfast in his belief in Falun Dafa. Recently he was sentenced to three years of forced labour by the Nanjing Military Court and incarcerated at Nanjing Region Forced Labour Camp. His story was reported on June 6th, 2012, on the Minghui website. Below, in his own words, are details of the persecution Yang Xingfu has endured.

Witness: working conditions in Masanjia Forced Labour Camp 12/04/2013

Witness accounts ( I was detained in Masanjia Forced Labour Camp twice for a total of two years. Masanjia Forced Labour Camp is located in Liaoning Province and is also called Masanjia Correctional Institution First Section. It is a living hell and notorious for persecuting male Falun Gong practitioners. There are three so-called “teams”, and the third team is where all Falun Gong practitioners are detained. The work that the three teams do used to be different, but by 2012, all were making clothes. The labour camp has made enormous amounts of money from forcing practitioners to do slave labour.

The difficulty of smuggling a slip of paper from a Chinese labour camp 01/04/2013

By Guo Jufeng

Witness accounts Editor’s note: Guo Jufeng, the author, was an engineer in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, who fled to Germany in 2008 after being persecuted for his practice of Falun Gong. Before leaving China, he had been arrested four times, sent to three labour camps, and persecuted using over 30 different methods of mental and physical torture. Twelve Falun Gong practitioners he personally knew died from torture: seven of those were from Dalian; five had children under the age of 18.