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Human rights group names almost 20,000 involved in persecuting Falun Gong 04/05/2013

Human rights organisations By Matthew Robertson (Epoch Times) Presented with a list of nearly 20,000 documented torturers, kidnappers, murderers and sadists, complete with their full names, places of work, job titles and often phone numbers – most police forces might get ready for a series of high-profile arrests. But in China, those listed are the cops.

Documentaries expose persecution of Falun Gong and live organ harvesting: screened in US Capitol and UN Palace of Nations 11/11/2012

Organ harvesting ( Award-winning documentaries Free China: The Courage to Believe and Between Life and Death were screened at the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva and at the US Capitol in Washington DC in September 2012. The films exposed the persecution of Falun Gong and the crime of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners currently taking place in China.


Taiwanese businessman returns home after China abduction 09/09/2012

Witness accounts NEW YORK – A Taiwanese businessman who practises Falun Gong and was abducted by Chinese security forces in June returned home safely this week after over 50 days in detention. Mr Chung Ting-Pang's release was an encouraging victory for human rights advocates. His family along with Taiwanese media, legislators, and citizens had rallied for weeks calling for his return. Amnesty International had issued an urgent action on his behalf.

Amnesty International issues urgent sction for sbducted Falun Gong practitioners 15/07/2012

VIllagers threatened as petition circulates among Politburo Standing Committee members

Human rights organisations NEW YORK  – Amnesty International issued an Urgent Action for Falun Gong practitioners at risk of torture as an entire village is threatened and coerced to retract a petition calling for their release.