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Falun Dafa continues to thrive despite 15 years of persecution 12/08/2014

Falun Gong activities ( Fifteen years ago, on July 20th, 1999, the onset of persecution turned the lives of 100 million Falun Gong practitioners upside down overnight. Practitioners who have persevered through the brutal persecution have told extraordinary stories of their faith, and the choices they have made in the face of unprecedented oppression.

14 years of persecution and resilience 16/08/2013

Falun Gong activities Falun Gong is the spiritual discipline whose practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. Today, millions of people in over 60 countries around the world enjoy the peaceful practice of Falun Gong and live their lives according to its virtuous teachings.

Falun Gong is also known worldwide as defenders for freedom of belief for millions of people inside China.

July 20th marks the 14th anniversary of the illegal persecution against Falun Gong in China.

Stop persecution: solemn, peaceful protest in New York 21/06/2013

Falun Gong activities NEW YORK – In China they can be arrested, tortured, and subject to forced labour simply for practising Falun Gong. This is why it is so particularly meaningful for Falun Gong practitioners from around the world to be in New York City, meditating in protest of the brutal persecution of practitioners in China since 1999.


Part I: Historical setting of cultivation practice and qigong 01/01/2005

What is Falun Gong? This article describes the historical heritage that formed the climate for the growth of Falun Gong in China. China has a rich history of martial arts, acupuncture, and traditional medicine. There were many cultivation ways for mind and body that promoted the unity between man and heaven. A way of thinking and way of life that was brought to an abrupt end when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came to power.