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Signature drives for Falun Gong continue, despite dangers 17/06/2013

Personal support NEW YORK – Five new petitions for individual Falun Gong practitioners – some with over 10,000 signatures – have been reported over the past two months, continuing a growing trend across China. While some of the petitions are new initiatives – including ones in Hubei and Hebei Provinces – others are ongoing efforts to rescue local residents who practise Falun Gong, despite official repression.


Taiwanese businessman returns home after China abduction 09/09/2012

Witness accounts NEW YORK – A Taiwanese businessman who practises Falun Gong and was abducted by Chinese security forces in June returned home safely this week after over 50 days in detention. Mr Chung Ting-Pang's release was an encouraging victory for human rights advocates. His family along with Taiwanese media, legislators, and citizens had rallied for weeks calling for his return. Amnesty International had issued an urgent action on his behalf.

San Francisco: Judge places injunction on attacker of Falun Gong practitioners 09/09/2012

Success stories ( The San Francisco Superior Court placed a restraining order against San Francisco resident Jingjun Chin on Wednesday (August 1st) after the court was presented with video evidence that he physically attacked and harassed San Francisco residents who practise Falun Gong.


Gaining freedom after being rescued by Canada 20/06/2012

Witness accounts ( Editor's Note: Mr Lin Mingli obtained a visa from the Canada Immigration Department after he walked out of the Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai in October 2011. On the first day of 2012, he finally arrived in that free country. In China, Mr Lin was arrested three times, did hard labour in a forced labour camp for two years, and was imprisoned for six years. In an attempt to force him into renouncing Falun Gong, the guards instigated the inmates to torture him, beat him with bamboo whips, refuse him access to the toilet, deprive him of sleep, and to strip off his clothes before pouring cold water on him during winter. However, years of persecution could not change Mr Lin's belief, and now the evil deeds will be exposed to the international society. The following is Mr Lin's account of his experiences over the last ten plus years:


A Chinese village stands up for Falun Gong 09/02/2012

Witness accounts Matthew Robertson, ‚Ä®Epoch Times. Villagers in China have defied communist authorities by calling for the release from jail of their friend, Zhou Xiangyang. And the guards and inmates who applied the “floor anchor” torture to him in Gangbei Prison should be investigated and dealt with according to the law, they wrote.